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Chris Szagola

Personal Training Client at the NAC

"But there you go, doing what you thought you couldn't. My trainer does a wonderful job of switching up the route when we train, so it doesn’t become stagnate, routine and boring. One of the best things about her is that she doesn’t give in when you think you have had it. She pushes you that one step further. Katie knows what she can get out of you, even if you feel you don’t have it. That is what makes her one of the best I have ever worked with.”


Andrea Wilson

Daughter of client, Carol Wilson

“My mother suffered a catastrophic brain injury 5 years ago and since worked to regain her entire mobility. Encouraging my mother to socialize and exercise are two very important aspects of her ongoing recovery and I am forever grateful to Jason for the dignity and kindness he shows my mother during her bi weekly training sessions.

She is SO excited to come to her training sessions and that fills my heart with a type of joy that I don’t think I could fully articulate.