Build A Life Free of Diets, Fatigue & Stress

Healthy Start Program & New NAC Member

Ready To Get Fit?

Join a team of others with common goals

The 90 Day Healthy Start Program is a comprehensive wellness program designed to teach you how to lead and sustain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. A Genavix Wellness Coach guides each class through 13 weeks of fitness, nutrition, and stress management in order to help participants achieve their goals.

What's included:

  • No membership enrollment fees & membership dues waived for the first 3 months
  • Customized exercise program created 1-1 with a Personal Trainer
  • Weekly 2 hour, group sessions delivered by a Wellness Coach
  • Meal planning, stress management and goal setting strategies
  • Private pre & post biometric testing including finger stick cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides, blood pressure and body composition

Program pricing: Only $233/mo. for 3 months, followed by 9 months of normal NAC membership dues*

*Individual memberships only. 

 Typical results: 

  • Average weight loss: 15lbs
  • Average waist reduction: 3 inches
  • Average blood pressure drop: 11 points
  • Average cholesterol drop: 15 points
  • Average triglycerides drop: 37 points

"I lost 12lbs. and gained 1lb. of muscle. My cholesterol is lower. My stress levels are down. I’m sleeping better. I feel fantastic! My family is better for it. "

-Andrew Finn, NAC member